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Offering standard line: Displacement Gages - High Frequency Displacement Gages - Surface Flaw Displacement Gages - Clip Gages.
  • For Openings as small as .020" and displacements up to .35"
  • Meets ASTM E399, E647, or E740
  • Temperature Ranges: - From -454 F. to +400 F

Offering standard Line: Separable Extensometers, Extended Range Separable Extensometers, High Range Separable Extensometers, Averaging Extensometers, and High Range Averaging Extensometers.
extense-clr.jpg (30882 bytes)        SEPARABLE EXTENSOMETERS
  • With gage lengths from .5" to 2"

  • Up to 50% strain range

  • Temperature range: -454 F to +400 F

  • Other ranges available 

The self detaching design of this separable extensometer is attractive for cryogenic tests.    Specimen clamps are available for either rectangular section or round bar test specimens. Specimen dimensions must be specified when ordering.

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      Displacement Range:   .070 inches

      Temperature Range:   -454F to +250F

      Bridge Resistance:  350 ohms      

This displacement gage attaches to the inside surfaces of the starter notch.  Location is maintained by contact friction.   Attachment devices placed near the flaw are not required.  The  gage self detaches upon specimen failure and the fully active strain gage bridge provides outstanding sensitivity and linearity.  The attachment prongs are dovetailed into the gage body and are adjustable over a range of approximately 0.2 inches.  This feature allows contact pressure to be adjusted as well as making the gage adaptable to various starter flaw dimensions.  Other types of attachments can also be devised to fit the gage body, allowing use of the instrument for other kinds of specimens or measurements.   Two sets of attachment prongs are provided with each gage.  The smallest flaw size (surface dimensions) possible are 0.100" wide by .020".

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