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Digital Indicators and Analog Signal Conditioners/Amplifiers for
 Tension Display and Control

Analog & Digital Options  oval.gif (63 bytes)  Panel, DIN Rail and Bench Mounting Models

             oval.gif (63 bytes)    Digital Models Display Tension in grams, lbs. kg, newtons, etc.

                  oval.gif (63 bytes)  Voltage & Current Outputs For Tension Control (Closed Loop Control)

                         oval.gif (63 bytes)   RS232/485 Serial Output of Tension Readings for Data Acquisition, etc.

oval.gif (63 bytes) SM9820  oval.gif (63 bytes) SM9850  oval.gif (63 bytes) M350  oval.gif (63 bytes) SGA21 
All TMI Strain Gaged Tension Transducers and Load Cells are full bridge 350 ohm or 1000 ohm sensors. They require an electronic signal conditioning module. This is typically a Digital Panel Meter with Display or Strain Gage Amplifier module.  These units must provide the sensor's excitation voltage and be able to process the mV/V signal from the sensor.
TMI does not use proprietary strain gage elements that require unique electronic signal conditioning units only available from a single source.  Our sensors are compatible with strain gage indicators readily available world wide.  We offer indicators to meet the needs of a wide range of user applications from display only to tension control outputs with data acquisition communications.  The units above will provide excellent resolution and stability for your tension measurement application.

All of the strain gage signal conditioners shown above provide the necessary sensor excitation voltage. The signal from the tension sensor is processed and converted to a digital display of the tension value as well as various options for tension control outputs. The Tension Sensor calibration is accomplished with known loads for accurate dynamic tension data.  All Tension Sensor Systems (sensor + indicator) are calibrated and tested in our lab.  A complete user manual is provided with all necessary drawings and indicator parameter settings.
▼Specifications and Manuals▼ 


Dimensions: 1/16 DIN, Bezel 3.78" x 0.95", depth 4.83"

Display Character Height: .56" Red LED

Display Range: -19999 to 99999, (4-1/2 digit)

Display Update Rate: 3 per second

Input Range: +/- 20mV (4 wire), 16 Bit Dual Slope

Excitation: 5 Vdc or 10 Vdc

Power Options: AC and DC, Low Voltage Option

CE Approved

Manufactured in The USA

Easy calibration with known load allows you to simply turn potentiometers to set the Low and High calibration points. This provides an accurate digital readout of all tension values throughout the entire tension range.

PDF symbol  SM9820 Specifications

PDF symbol  SM9820 Manual



      Fast Response Time - Many Output Options

Dimensions: 3.78" W x 1.89"H X 4.4" Depth

Display Character Height: .56" Red LED

Display Range: -99999 to 99999

A to D Conversion: 60/sec for 60Hz, 50/sec for 50 Hz

Display Update Rate: 3.5/sec

Input Range: +/- 20mV to +/- 500mV selectable
                         4-wire or 6-wire

Excitation: 5Vdc or 10 Vdc

Power Options: AC and DC, Low Voltage Option

Analog Output: 0-10Vdc, -10 to +10 Vdc, 4-20mA
                              and 0-20mA

Relay Options: Dual and Quad, Form C, SPDT or
                             Form A SPST Solid State

Serial Interface: USB, RS232, RS485

CE and UL Approved

Manufactured in The USA

PDF symbol  SM9850 Specifications

PDF symbol  SM9850 Manual

PDF symbol  SM9850 RS232/Serial Manual


       Solid Metal Housing - High Resolution

Housing Style:
Zinc Die Cast Standard or Stainless
                             Steel Washdown Available

Bench with Tilt Base Stand or Panel Mount option

Resolution: 1,000,000d internal, 100,000d Display

A/D conversion: 60 Hz

Display Character type/size: LED 6-digit 0.8"H, 
                                                      LCD 6-digit 1.0"H

Power Supply: 18 VAC wall Transformer included,
                              Battery options available

Bi-directional RS232 Serial Port Included
Bi-directional RS485 Serial Communication Available

Optional Analog Signal Output Available
Optional Setpoint Relays Available

  PDF symbol   350_Series_Literature.pdf 
   PDF symbol 350 manual flash 3.0 ver.pdf


  Sensor Type: Full Bridge, 4 or 6 wire

Voltage Output:
+/-10, 0-10 Vdc

Current Output: 4-20 mA

Span Cal. Adjustment: 0.15 to 12 mV/V

Excitation Voltage: 3, 5, 10 Vdc

Power Source Req'd: 24 +/-4 Vdc

Response Time: with filter 10 Hz
                                w/o filter 20 KHz

Optional 2 Set Point relays Available 

Manufactured in The USA

PDF symbol SGA21 Spec Sheet

 PDF symbol SGA21 Manual

    The Model SM9640 panel meter is no longer available. We are recommending as a replacement the SM9850 which has many options available or the SM9820 for applications which require only a tension display.

   PDF symbol SM9640 Manual   

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