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WPED Web Tension Sensor          WPED With Roller

Robust dual sensor elements securely capture a web roller.  Each sensor element has a pedestal mounting base for installing on a machine frame rail. The roller length and shaft span can be of any length and limited only by the tension sensor's full-scale capacity/range. The roller shaft is non-rotating and held by shaft caps on each end, which makes roller installation or removal an easy process. Many roller material options available from anodized aluminum, steel, stainless steel, acetal/Delrin® and Nylatron®. Your existing rollers can typically also be accommodated by this web sensor pair.

Models ranges available from 5 lbs to 500 lbs, wrap angle dependent. Wrap angles from 30° to 180°.  may be possible. Sensors can be calibrated to read in grams, pounds, ounces, kg, cN, Newton, etc.  See drawing click-outs at bottom of this page.

Each sensor element is a full Wheatstone bridge/strain gage transducer. They are typically commoned to create a single sensor. This provides excellent accuracy and consistency across the width of a web roller. The sensor elements can also be used as independent sensors if required.

Give us a call at 1-800-470-3322 to discuss your application requirements.

Digital Panel Meters, Displays, Amplifiers and Signal Conditioners
All TMI Strain Gaged Tension Transducers and Load Cells are full bridge 350 ohm or 1000 ohm sensors. They require an electronic signal conditioning module. This is typically a Digital Panel Meter with Display or Strain Gage Amplifier module. These units must provide the sensor's excitation voltage and be able to process the mV/V signal from the sensor. 
                                                   Click here for electronic indicator options.

Drawings and Specifications
                      PDF symbol WPED-10 LBS  Drawing
                            Ranges from 0 - 5  to  0 - 10 LB
                      PDF symbol WPED-50 LBS Drawing
                            Ranges from 0 - 12 LB  to  0 - 50 LB
                      PDF symbol WPED-100 LBS Drawing
                            Ranges from 0 - 50  to  0 - 100 LB
        PDF symbol  WPED- 250 LBS Drawing 
                Ranges from 0 - 150  to  0 - 250 LB

        PDF symbol  WPED- 500 LBS Drawing
               Ranges from 0 - 300  to  0 - 500 LB

         PDF symbol  WPED Specification

All Sensors are Manufactured in The USA

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